• Frozen Tangie Fem 3 Seed

A great tasting CBD strain. The CBD cherry Kush makes up her name with a high level CBD and a sweet cherry like aroma. We received a very potent Sour Tsunami ( Sour Diesel X NYC Diesel) and crossbred it with our Super Hindu Kush, we named this offspring the Tsunami Kush. Still we weren’t satisfied with the result and we used this offspring to further crossbreed it with a Cherry Kush. She tends to stretch although she has Indica dominant genetics. There can be some varia between the phenotypes.
We advise to give her a limited growing period in order to limit her height. If you love growing your plant in a scrog method, CBD Cherry Kush won’t let you down and is one of our best strains to grow in a scrog.
With a heavy body stoned effect this strain is an ideal for pain relief. The high CBD value in this strain is absolutely amazing. One of our best CBD cannabis strains in our collection. With a 1:1 THC/CBD ratio she has a high medicinal value.  She needs some weeks to flower but she is worth the wait. We have invested a lot in this strain to achieve this and we know this strain will be a favorite among growers who are looking for a medicinal cannabis strain.

Type: 70% Indica 30% Sativa
Genetic Background: Tsunami Kush X Cherry Kush
Flowering time: 10/12 weeks
Harvest month:  March-November
Zone outdoor: B,C
Height Indoor: 100-150 cm 
Height Outdoor: 120 – 200 cm
Yield Indoor: 400-550 g/m2
Yield Outdoor: 650 - 800 gr/pp
Effect: heavy body stoner
Taste: fruity/cherry
THC: high
CBD: High

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Frozen Tangie Fem 3 Seed

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