3 x Seed Pack and 1st Episode Comic: Alien Jack Motta + Full Color Catalog


As representative of the United Nations, possesses– ever since his abduction by Alien Jack to cause mutant reactions in his DNA related to cannabis– special ties with these plants and grows into a rage when someone tries to harm them. He lives peacefully like a beggar in a big city plot, where he grows marijuana, until a violent gang sets his plantation on fire, thus awakening his uncontrollable powers. When Spider Skunk tries to control him, a battle commences and only the sudden appearance of the Hero Seeds manages to stop it.

Plant description

Beware of the blue Titan! Just one oversight could trigger his transformation. It produces a monstrous quantity of resin and is also rich in THC, CBD, and CBN.Produces a great harvest and it’s also plague and weather resistant.

Sex: Feminize

Genetics: G13 + Blueberry + Northern Light + Ortega + Afghani SA + Hash plan

Type: 40% Sativa / 60% Indica

Grow: Indoor / Outdoor

Yield: High

Composition: THC: 23-26%, CBN: 1,6%, CBD: 0,9%


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Blue Monster Holk

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